At Athletes’ Training Center, our culture is set by our amazing team.  Our focus is to bring on new team members who not only show outstanding ability in their field but who also share our passion for not following the norm and accepting the status quo.

As our company grows, we try to always stay centered on our foundation which is our values.  Here are our ten Core Values we live by:

  • Deliver WOW with passion and determination
  • Be self-driven life-long learners
  • Employ focus and precision
  • Don’t just communicate, over communicate
  • Have an honest and virtuous character
  • Keep research as our foundation
  • Be we, not me
  • Create an atmosphere of fun
  • Pursue company growth and opportunity
  • Be humble

Taylor Reeves, University of Wisconsin Badgers Soccer Recruit

Over the past 5 years I have trained at numerous places in Omaha, but the Athletes’ Training Center is the only place that I have found that provides speed, agility, and strength training that is backed by the staff’s medical knowledge. The staff has helped me accomplish some of my personal goals such as increasing my vertical jump, speed, and all over agility. I have also lost 45 lbs due to the staff’s advice on nutrition.