Tired of boring and stale workouts? Are you having a hard time staying motivated? Is it time to start revving up your metabolism? Our MET-FIT classes are for you!

What is MET-FIT?

Metabolic fitness (MET-FIT) training is a blend of resistance training, body weight training, and sports/movement drills constantly mixed up and designed to BURN CALORIES!  


Members can easily burn an average of *300-600+ calories every session!

As with all of our adult fitness programs, our holistic approach uses a medical model which means we are not going to force you into certain exercises if you cannot perform them safely and correctly.  

In MET-FIT, you can go at your pace, get as intense of a workout as you desire, and have exercises adjusted for your level of training.

We offer MET-FIT sessions throughout the day so if you like to workout before work, over the lunch hour, or after work, we have times to meet your needs. 

Prices for this membership start at $99/month.

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StrengthFat lossEnhanced movement and mobility

Frank C.

“The loss of fifty pounds amazes me.  The strength I have pleases me.  My overall appearance is one of a fit person.  The praise for successfully doing the exercise is motivating.  My family doctor has been very encouraged by my improved fitness and told me to discontinue one medication and if things continued to progress he might discontinue the high blood pressure and cholesterol medications.  My blood pressure is now around 130/70.  Most people say I look good, as in fit.  What more could I want?”