Wouldn’t it be nice to come back from summer break and show off the new you? Our Teacher Transformation & Summer Challenge is perfect for teachers, but open to everyone!

The challenge runs from June 18th through August 11th and the individual with the most successful transformation will take home the Grand Prize Package valued at $500! 

The 500 GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE includes:

  • $250 shopping spree for new clothes
  • A $100 gift card to the salon of your choice
  • A Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband 



You can download the information packet about our challenge by clicking here or on the (left image). We have three packages available to fit your budget and using our state of the art MyZone training monitors* will ensure results. Register online by clicking on the “register now” button below. 

Hurry, registration is limited to 10 individuals and the deadline is June 16th!



Trust Our Coaches

They will be invested in your success and will help you make a grand entrance for the next school year. Using our MyZone training monitors* will ensure results. 
If you need more information after downloading the packet, please contact Danielle at 402-932-7111 or email her at info@athletestrainingcenter.com.
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Click here for instructions on Creating a Profile (or Logging into an Existing Profile.) 


The Best 15 Minute Workout You Are NOT Doing

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to Dan John, one of the most influential strength and conditioning coaches in history, speak at a conference. In addition to his first-class knowledge and experience, Dan is renowned for his ability to present the often complicated field of exercise science in a simple, easy to understand way.

He opened this particular presentation by posing a question to the audience.

“If you could only workout for 15 minutes, what would you do?”

The audience, full of experienced coaches, did not have an answer. Dan’s answer? Loaded carries (aka)…

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So far I have lost 49 pounds and gained muscle strength, which were my original goals.  I’m most proud that I’ve lost two to three clothing sizes!  My favorite thing to hear now – “You look great!”  – Marie C.