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Concussion Focus, What Is It? 

Over my five years as a physical therapist, I have been a part of many teams and have taken on many different roles, each of which has grown me as a professional and as a person.  One of my favorite roles is serving with the Concussion Focus team. Today I want to tell you a little about the team and what we do!  

Concussion Focus was originally started in the midst of a rising awareness of concussions. At that time, there were few multidisciplinary options for concussion treatment. Concussion Focus brought together physicians, physical therapists, psychiatrists, athletic trainers, and people passionate about and well trained in concussion management.

The Concussion Focus team continues to meet every other month.  The team is unique as we each represent separate organizations, but when we gather to meet we all take off those hats and come together to do our best to impact concussion treatment. In our meetings, we discuss ways to support each person’s individual efforts in regard to concussions, share current research and swap case studies. We also set a goal each year as a group to get the word out about advancement in concussion treatment.

This year we will be writing a series of blogs as a team with the intent of helping to provide resources to people dealing with concussions.

If you would like to learn more about concussions or Concussion Focus, please go to Be on the lookout for more blogs to come from my colleagues on the Concussion Focus team!

Written By: Josiah Parker, PT, DPT

What can a physical therapist do for a concussion?

If you are suffering from post-concussion symptoms, you may feel helpless and think there is no way to help speed up the process of recovery. But there is a way! 3 Unexpected Treatments for Concussions – That Work!

The care and treatment of concussions have become one of the fastest growing priorities in the medical community in the last several years and rightfully so.

An estimated 300,000 sport-related traumatic brain injuries, predominantly concussions, occur annually in the United States. In fact, for young people ages 15-24 years, sports are second only to motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of this form of a traumatic brain injury. (Journal of Athletic Training)


Concussions are now more widely recognized in the world of sports, in work safety and in the medical world than ever before. According to the CDC, a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works.


1 out of every 5 people who sustain a concussion WILL NOT recover in the normal 2-3 week time frame.

Though they may appear to be functioning just fine, people suffering from a concussion may be dealing with an array of symptoms. These symptoms include time lost from school/work, time out of sports, headaches, dizziness, nausea, balance problems, fatigue, and the list could go on.

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