7 Surefire Exercises to Increase Your Vertical Jump!

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The most common goals we hear from our athletes is they want to improve their vertical jump.  It’s high on their list – especially our basketball athletes.

We developed this 13 page step-by-step eBook, entitled “7 Surefire Exercises to Supercharge Your Vertical Jump.” 

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A Strength & Conditioning Program
Designed Specifically for Basketball Players

If you play basketball, you want the best chance possible to earn playing time, make the team or achieve whatever your goal might be.  You already know you have to spend hours in the gym at practice and dedicate yourself to working on your skill set. 

You have to be a good teammate, listen to your coaches and stay healthy.  If you are like most of the kids in our program, you know the importance of being strong, jumping higher, and being fast.

If you are a parent, you want the same things for your athlete too.  But, you want a little more.  You want to see them stay injury free and you want to see the investment of time and money pay off. 

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– Jeff and Melissa Simons, Parents

“Our daughter specializes in basketball, so our intent was to avoid injury.  By adding the form, technique and strength, she was able to play both summer and winter seasons injury free for three years.  Both kids have benefited greatly from the Athletes’ Training Center’s program and have learned not only proper form, but the importance of nutrition in their daily life. Couldn’t find a better fit!”