We know how tiring, grueling, and lengthy the rehabilitation process is after having an ACL reconstruction. Coming back from this injury can take between 6 to 9 months!  If you are like our other patients, you probably want to make sure you are absolutely ready to go back safely.

However, in today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape, physical therapy visits are being cut more and more by insurance companies. This reduced coverage does not give you enough visits for you to safely return to sports following an ACL reconstruction. Now you are faced with a decision: try to go back and play without being fully ready or pay $150+ a visit to continue with your physical therapist.

We came up with a different solution, a win-win. Our ACL Bridge Program.

ACL Bridge Program

  • The ACL Bridge Program is an affordable, cash based service intended to address the remaining needs and deficits you have in order to get you back to sports in the event insurance benefits have been exhausted.

The ACL Bridge Program offers different service tracks based on your specific needs.  You will be initially evaluated by one of our physical therapists to determine your current status and ability.  


This information will be used to determine if you need a continued medical rehab track with one of our physical therapists or if you could move into a sports specific training track with one of our performance coaches. 

The initial physical therapy evaluation is $120.  Packaging prices are based on which track best meets your needs and ultimate goals.

A session will never run more than $35.

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Matt, basketball athlete

The ACL Bridge Program was a great resource in my return to sport activities after my recent ACL surgery! The affordable program was a great value after my insurance coverage ran out for the year, as it allowed me to spend more time with the professional staff and facilities that Athletes’ Training Center has to offer!  I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to increase their confidence level prior to returning to their athletic activities!