If you are like our other patients, you’re probably tired of being in pain and fed-up with not being able to get back to the activities you enjoy doing. You might even be starting to get worried that this problem is going to keep coming back or might limit you long-term.

We know firsthand how frustrating it can be to be injured. 

Or maybe your injury is pretty advanced and you need surgery. We know how scary that process can be. A lot of our patients worry whether or not they will make a full recovery especially with all of the horror stories out there.

Lastly, maybe you’re the parent who has an injured child. We know how tough it is to see your child missing out on the things that they love doing.  Many of our parents want their kids out of pain and want to try to prevent the injury from happening again, and that might be you as well.

Selecting a physical therapist 

Often times people will seek out a physical therapist based convenience of location or they will just go to their physician’s health system clinic assuming their needs can be met by any provider.

Unfortunately, most of the time this is not the case and when it isn’t it can cost you thousands of dollars in ineffective care, extended time away from things that matter to you, and a higher probability of the injury reoccurring.

But don’t worry, we can keep those things from happening to you.

“It seems over the last 10 years a physical therapy clinic has popped up on every corner in Omaha and the surrounding communities, which gives you a plethora of options. Going with the closest clinic may sound convenient but also may not deliver the results you are looking for.

How to Pick the Right Physical Therapist

Our physical therapists specialize in rehabilitating active people like you regardless of:

  • age
  • occupation
  • sports or activities you participate in
  • surgery you’ve had

We can get you or your family member over the injury quickly and effectively so less time is missed, less healthcare dollars are spent, and leave you with the tools you need to keep the injury from happening again.

“I completely understand that when people (physicians and community) see our name, they see “athlete” and think we treat 10 to 18 year old’s who play sports. 

Being an athlete is not an age. It’s a state of mind. We will challenge and push all of our clients to strive for new heights. That’s being an “athlete”.

– Travis Manners 

Just had surgery? 

Now, if you are coming off surgery, we have a 4 phased rehab program that is tried and tested to maximize your recovery.  

We take you from day 1 after the surgery all the way through to your optimum performance. Then you can go back and tell all those people who gave you horror stories the truth!

It is time to start getting on the road of recovery!

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Officer - Eric White, Omaha Police Department

In over 2 decades of law enforcement, with most of it on a swat team, my body has been put through the ringer. I always go to Athletes’ Training Center, Travis has rehabilitated shoulder, knee, biceps and triceps injuries and was instrumental in getting me back to work after back and hip injuries. The fixed parts stay fixed and the workouts are “next level” compared to the competition.