If you support the body daily with proper nutrition, the right number of calories, the right quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, the right amount of water and combination of vitamins and minerals for your body you will be less likely to get injured and can recover faster when you get injured.

Nutrition & Recovery

In both soft tissue and bone recovery, inflammation is the first step in the process of clearing away damaged cells. After that, recovery is all about building up new, functionally equivalent connective tissue and/or bone.

As we explore the recovery process, we look for targets where therapy, nutrition, and supplementation can play a role.

Nutrition is a key component in injury recovery and rehabilitation. For nutrition to aid in injury prevention, the body must meet its daily energy needs.

Insufficient daily overall calories will limit storage of carbohydrate as muscle or liver glycogen. Poor food choices day after day can lead to the deficiencies resulting in chronic conditions, such as iron deficiency or low bone mineral density. Therefore, total dietary intake over the course of days, weeks and months must be adequate.

Whether the focus is injury prevention or rehabilitation, getting adequate calories, carbohydrates, protein, fluids, vitamins and minerals are all important.

Recover from an Injury with Proper Nutrition

For injury recovery try following a diet high in foods that contain:

  • Antioxidants, protein, and anti-inflammatory properties. Some of these foods include Montmorency cherries or tart cherry juice, pineapple, beets or beetroot juice, spinach, pumpkin seeds, fish-oil, Turmeric spice and ginger.

Please contact our Registered Dietitian Jessica Wegener RD, CSSD, LMNT for more information or a full assessment of your current diet, she can be reached by dialing 402.669.2705 or visit her website at www.pnomaha.com.

Robert W., age 50

It’s always important when dealing with health professionals that you have someone who not only hears what you are saying but actually listens and gives plans with you to get you back to health. The staff at Athletes’ Training Center are very good at training you for the best results. I have and will continue to recommend them!