Throwing related injuries to the shoulder and elbow have continued to rise not just across the country but in our Omaha metro area.  We consistently see more and more of these injuries and have begun to see them occurring in younger throwers.  

Overhead throwing puts tremendous forces through the athlete’s arm and therefore the mechanics of throwing need to be precise in order to absorb these forces and reduce the likelihood of an injury. These injuries can cause at minimum several weeks of lost playing time and at worst can end a throwers career. Every injured thrower we have seen has had a mechanical flaw needed to be addressed.

We have assessed little leaguers to professionals. Our analysis and corrective drills are extremely effective in either getting the athlete back on the mound from an injury or reducing their risk of missing time due to an unnecessary shoulder or elbow injury.

Still shots from a video analysis

Now is the time to be proactive and have your or your athlete’s throwing motion analyzed!  Click on the button below to schedule an appointment.

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Shoulder Saving Tips – Part 1, Shoulder Don’ts

As we see more and more shoulder injuries in our clinic, one of the places our patients commonly hurt their shoulder is at the gym.

Unfortunately, what people do not know or realize is there are common exercises and approaches that may perform at the gym that may set people up for an injury.

Kevin E., age 37

I must say that this is the best physical therapy place that I have ever been to. I’ve been highly impressed with the knowledge and work ethic of the staff to help me recover from my injury. In particular, my therapist has exceeded my expectations in developing a therapy program that pushes me so I can return to the level I was at before.  I will recommend this place to anyone needing physical therapy!