The Complete Game program is specific for baseball and softball players looking to advance the level of their game through sports performance training with a focus on injury reduction.

What to Expect from the Program

In the Complete Game Program, every athlete will receive the following:

  • Athletic performance evaluation including a Functional Movement Screen with a Performance Coach
  • Individualized Training Program
  • Two, three or four training sessions per week
  • Emphasis on baseball/softball specific speed, agility, strength, power, and core development
  • Corrective exercises to prevent common baseball/softball injuries
  • Shoulder and elbow specific work to prevent common throwing injuries
  • Progress reports and weekly emails from the coaching staff
  • Post training nutrition provided at each session

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4th-7th Grade8th-9th Grade10th-11th GradeCollegeSemi-Professional/Professional

Additional Services Available…

  • Medical and biomechanical evaluation with a Physical Therapist
  • Hands-on arm care with a Physical Therapist
  • Video Throwing Analysis
  • Nutrition Coaching and Meal Plans
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Psychology

*These are subject to additional fees and are not included with the base packages.

Complete Game Feature: 

A story of great strength, resilience and determination. A special feature on Collin Lefeber fulfilling his childhood dream to play college baseball after overcoming a surprising hurdle… 

We interviewed our Complete Game athlete Collin Lefeber and his father, Steve. They shared their experience training with our coaches and also talked about Collin’s personal baseball journey. 
Collin grew up watching his brothers play baseball and ever since he can remember it was his dream to play ball in college. His father was also a baseball player and his coach for many years. 
Collin was born 8 weeks premature and weighed just 2 lbs. Because of this, he had to overcome a lot of obstacles in his life due to his ability to grow. He never let it hinder his arduous work ethic or stop him from achieving his number one goal.
He continued to play baseball growing up and was the second baseman for his high school team at Omaha Central. While there, he received NCAA Nebraska All-State honors. Today, he is a student-athlete at Central College Dutch in Pella, Iowa.
Collin trained with us for over 18 months. During that time he held our 300-yard shuffle record, was awarded our male summer athlete of the block in 2017. He continued also continued to break his personal records in each of our testing categories every block
We will continue to watch his career unfold. We are so proud of his determination and inspiring character as he was truly a pleasure to train and work with! 



Steve, why did you and Collin choose to train at Athletes’ Training Center?
When Collin was getting recruited he needed to boost his strength, speed, and body size. We needed a program to help him make all the improvements necessary to help him reach his goal to play ball in college. Collin had heard about Athletes’ Training Center through a connection at school, so we decided to give it a try. 
Collin what were your goals training with us, and do you feel you have achieved those goals?
Yes, I have. I wanted to get stronger and faster and through the tests, we have performed here I could tell the program was working for me. I was hitting balls harder and farther. I was also getting to balls quicker and stealing more bases. The hard work has paid off for me.
What would you want to say to anyone who is considering training at Athletes’ Training Center?
Every athlete I’ve met in here has been determined to get stronger, faster and just become an overall better athlete for whatever sport they are in. Every session the coaches motivate you to do your best and know when to push your limits. This is a good place to come and get better because all the athletes are serious about it here. 

Sign up for a FREE Trial Session to see if the
Complete Game Program is for you!

4th-7th Grade8th-9th Grade10th-11th GradeCollegeSemi-Professional/Professional

Zach Degas, Boston Red Sox

“After coming back from ankle surgery, Athletes’ Training Center allowed me to get the best physical therapy available while also providing me with top notch performance coaches to get me back in shape and ready for next season. I’ve done workouts at various facilities in the area and Athletes’ Training Center clearly stands above the rest. Their combination of state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff will help you reach your athletic goals.”