At Athletes’ Training Center our athletic development programs offer the most comprehensive performance enhancement training in the Midwest.

  • We are the first and only facility in the area that integrates medical research and strength and conditioning research into all of our programs making injury reduction a top priority.

Our athletic development programs are for absolutely everyone regardless of age, gender, skill level, or athletic goals. All of our full-time coaches hold, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree and are Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches (CSCS) which is the same certification held by all college and professional coaches.atc_branding-13

At Athletes’ Training Center, we believe the ideal way to develop the motor and athletic physical skills necessary for success is to engage in continual training over a long duration of time versus short training durations like four or six week “camps”.

Our long term approach to training offers a curriculum that establishes a base athletic foundation and then builds layers of advanced athletic skills on that base during the course of the athlete’s development physically and psychologically.

Most elite athletes achieve their success by training for their entire athletic careers under this model.

Why Train at Athletes’ Training Center?

3 Reasons:

#1 Medically based evaluations and programming
#2 Small group sessions with focus on individualized instruction
#3 Highly qualified coaches who are invested in their athletes’ success

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Jennie A., Collegiate Track & Field Athlete

Athletes’ Training Center has worked to specialize workouts to fit my athletic needs. The strength coaches have a one on one personal connection to fix minor details that have had a major impact on my athletic performance.