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Featured Success Story – Donald Chamberlain

Meet Donald. He’s 38, a basketball player, an avid shoe enthusiast, works three part-time jobs and is committed to reaching his fitness goals. 

Donald’s Story

Donald, how did you hear about Athletes’ Training Center?
“I saw a commercial while I was at work and I was convinced this was the place to help me reach my goals. At the time I was playing on an all Native-American traveling, basketball team. I wanted to improve my vertical, get stronger, quicker and improve my stamina. I came in for a free trial, met my coaches and after that, I was hooked and came to workout three days a week for 23 straight months.
Then, I took a 7-year break and really didn’t do anything fitness wise.
And with 7 years of not doing anything, I started to notice a decline with my strength. That’s when I knew that I had to start back up with my fitness routine again, and I knew just where I wanted to go.”
Can you tell us about where do you work?
Currently, I work 3 part-time jobs at Chesterman Company (Coca-Cola), UPS and the Cheesecake Factory. I am called a sweeper at UPS where I throw up 50-150 lbs of materials. I have really noticed a difference with my strength there. 
What goals do you have set for yourself?
Currently, I am working toward squatting 500 lbs, improving my 10-yard dash and benching 300 lbs. I’m a very committed person, so once I have my mind set towards something I have to achieve it. 
What do you want people to take away from your story? 
“I’d say for anyone who is thinking about working out and making a positive change with their fitness routine, you just have to get started.  There are days where I don’t want to come in, I really dread it. But, that feeling once I am done with the workout – it is simply rewarding. When I wake up the next morning sore I knew it was worth it. It’s tough, it is a lot of work, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without challenging myself and by working with the coaches at Athletes’ Training Center.
Now fitness is a part of my life again. I passed my 500th workout session at Athletes’ Training Center! I couldn’t do what I loved without getting back in shape. Fitness is just a part of my life now and it’s been rewarding. 
We have had the pleasure of working with Donald for the past year and a half. In that time he has reached the milestone of accomplishing 500 workouts. Today, he is still working towards his 500 lb squat goal and his bench goal of 300 lb.  
Donald is committed to staying healthy and wants to continue to get stronger.

Stephanie Wojton – My “Why”

Practice after practice, flip after flip, landing after landing, it was only a matter of time before I’d have another minor set back. Participating in a collegiate gymnastics program meant an increase in the amount of time, repetitions, and strength training that was required to be part of this team I had dreamed of being on since I was a young athlete.

Three months into my freshman year at Winona State University, I began experiencing low back pain that was affecting more than just gymnastics.

I was diagnosed with an L5 stress fracture and was told I couldn’t do gymnastics for three months. Instead, the doctor recommended physical therapy three times per week. A recommendation that I’d heard far too many times. Broken arm, fractured foot, sprained ankle, fractured low back; just to name a few.

Throughout my gymnastics career, my physical therapist was the one person whom I could count on to bring me back into the sport that I loved after an injury.

That same person was the one who I could rely on to establish enough strength and stability to be competitive in the physically demanding sport that gymnastics is. It became clear to me after multiple sessions in therapy that I wanted to be part of this support system that I have gained trust in during my time as a gymnast.

“Physical therapy demands an individual capable of connecting with their patients on more of a personal level than many other health care professions. Injuries and disabilities are not only harmful to the body physically but they can do damage mentally.


This aspect of physical therapy was intriguing because I know first-hand how overwhelming injuries can be and I can apply what I learned as a patient to my future patients.”

A physical therapist generally works with a patient from diagnosis to discharge, by establishing a clear prognosis and setting goals to achieve the expected recovery. Because there is no definite answer to recovery, I find this task, without an obvious solution, an invigorating challenge. Each patient brings in a distinctive obstacle that would allow me to work independently or collectively as a team to ensure comfort in the patient’s life.

The career of physical therapy also attracted me because it offered an opportunity to work with and treat a broad spectrum of individuals. As a result of this versatile career, I knew I could have an impact on the lives of patients that range from pediatric to geriatric, and everything in-between.

Although challenging at times, I am thankful for each bout of physical therapy that I received, for it opened my eyes to this amazing health care profession. My ultimate goal as a physical therapist at Athletes’ Training Center is to instill the same inspiration and confidence in my patients that my physical therapist did in me.

Josiah Parker – My “Why”

I became a physical therapist really out of a desire to own my own business some day. My dad pushed me to find exactly what kind of business I would like to own and he saw that I am not the type of person who would be happy simply sitting behind a desk without people interaction all day long.

He brought up the occupation of physical therapy which I was familiar with due to all too many injuries through my sports career.

I initially was hesitant to the idea, but the idea caught on during my senior year of high school. I then got a scholarship which guaranteed me a spot at UNMC if I kept my grades during my undergraduate work. I haven’t looked back since receiving that scholarship!

My favorite part of my job at Athletes’ Training Center is seeing the difference that improved function makes in peoples lives. I love getting to know people and forging lifetime friendships.

Outside of work I am an assistant coach for grade school select basketball.

I coach an 8th grade basketball team called Elkhorn Attack. It was my first time coaching for a full season and I had a great time getting to know the kids on the team and helping them to improve their skills in the game that I have come to love.

Jennie A., Collegiate Track & Field Athlete

Athletes’ Training Center has worked to specialize workouts to fit my athletic needs. The strength coaches have a one on one personal connection to fix minor details that have had a major impact on my athletic performance.