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3 On-The-Go Vacation Exercise Circuits

No Gym, No Weights, No Problem!

As we begin setting up our summer vacation travel plans, it is also important to plan ahead for making sure we keep our strength training and exercise plan in action during our trip. Today, I will outline simple steps needed in order to plan your vacation exercise routine and I will cover a 30-minute vacation exercise circuit. 

Before you take off on your travels, be sure to let your coach or trainer know at least two weeks in advance you will be out of town. Why is this important?

Two reasons. The first is so they aren’t wondering where you are or if you are skipping out on your sessions. The second reason is so they can provide you with a training routine to complete during your vacation.

Once you have let your coach or trainer know you will be out of town, the second step is to research if there are any gyms in the area you will be traveling. Is there a gym in the hotel you are staying? If there is not, you may have to plan for implementing body weight exercises inside your hotel room.

No matter what amenities you have available, it’s all about utilizing what you have to continue toward your exercise goals. Your coach or trainer will then give you the routine with enough time in advance, in case you may have questions before leaving on vacation.

I have put together a body weight exercise plan you can complete anywhere. Remember, vacation is a time to relax.  But, with a little effort each day you can also continue working towards your exercise goals. Even if it comes down to a few 30-minute routines during a week-long trip, you will not regret the effort once you get back to your everyday routine. 


  • 30 sec. Imaginary Jump Rope
  • 10 Body weight Squats
  • 10 Arm Hugs
  • 30 sec. Imaginary Jump Rope
  • 5 each Leg Split Squats
  • 20 sec. Front Plank
  • 20 sec. Each Side Plank
  • 30 sec. Imaginary Jump Rope

Body Weight Strength Training:

Circuit 1:

  • 10 Squats with three sec. isometric hold
  • 8 each High Plank Shoulder Tap
  • 20 sec. Bottom Push-up Hold
    *Repeat circuit three more times

Circuit 2: 

  • 8 each Single Leg RDL
  • 8 each Side Plank Top Leg Lifts
  • 8 each High Plank Renegade Row
    *Repeat circuit three more times

Circuit 3:

  • 5 each Split Squats with three sec. isometric hold
  • 10 Straight Leg Sit-Ups
  • 5 each Quadruped Thoracic Rotations
    *Repeat circuit three more times

Finisher: Energy System Development

This is a perfect exercise finisher if you feel like adding another element to your routine.

  • 15 each Mountain Climber
  • 15 each Seated Twist
    Rest 30-40 seconds after those exercises and complete 5 times through

Written By: Trenton Clausen – MA, CSCS, USAW-L2SP, Director of Sports Performance

Jennie A., Collegiate Track & Field Athlete

Athletes’ Training Center has worked to specialize workouts to fit my athletic needs. The strength coaches have a one on one personal connection to fix minor details that have had a major impact on my athletic performance.